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Why You Should Be SPHR Certified

13.04.19 03:50 PM By Client Outreach

Earn More Money, Knowledge and Respect as a Human Resource Professional

Ever found yourself training someone who supposedly knows more than you, certainly has superior status, and sadly earns a higher salary? The reasons for obtaining SPHR certification are numerous and undeniable- more money, more knowledge, more opportunities, and more respect.  In fact, as HR professionals compete for positions, certification will become a requirement for the top jobs in the field.  If you want to compete, and if these benefits sound like something you desire, then the path to certification offers a quick, inexpensive, solution.

Are you a natural at human relations? Have you put in the hours it takes to really understand people? If so then you probably know that earning another classroom intensive, 20,000 dollar degree may just leave you irritated, bored, and broke. Though your degree should be enough, companies are constantly being called upon to train, assist and hire better employees.  Lazlo Bock, Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, insists that one of the keys to corporate success is

As Mr. Bock, was named “Human Resources Executive of the Year” by HR Resources Magazine, he is definitely worth listening to.  In fact, the number one complaint of corporate America is that they must retrain college graduates.  If you have the ideas and the charisma to break the top in Human Relations, then PHR/SPHR certification will give you the knowledge, and the training to prove it, without wasting your time or your money.

Matt Charney, who has held leadership roles in several global HR technology companies, including TalemetryCornerstone OnDemand, and Monster Worldwide. said, “Being a recruiter today means being a business generalist…strategic objectives are to ensure your employer recruits and retains the best talent possible.”  In order to recruit the best you must be recognized as the expert you are, and PHR/SPHR certification will assure you are not only one of the elite, but that you are also given the status you deserve.  Sure, you will still have to search out, recruit, and retrain college graduates, but you will now have the power to move into a senior position.  Again, a “degree” is no guarantee that graduates can do the job.  PHR/SPHR certification is a hands-on experience- true proof of the required skills.

The certification will also offer you a different salary experience- something called a raise.  With your SPHR certificate, you will hold justification for a higher pay grade. On average this certification will increase your salary from $45,000 to 64,000 a year according to Payscale.com.  However, if you know how to find the best people may be the dreams of having your own small business will become a bigger reality.  Certification may prove the push that helps you fly. But be warned, this may cause conflicts at home, like what to do on weekends, what new car to buy, or how to spend the extra cash in the bank, but considering your initial investment the leap in salary should be well worth the added “trouble.”

China Gorman, HR guru and CEO of the Great Place to Work Institute, COO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and president of Lee Hecht Harrison, believes that giving more power, more respect, more freedom of choice to employees creates stronger more productive companies. What if you are looking for a better work environment.  PHR/SPHR certification intensively increases your chances for quality employment.  In fact, when looking for HR personnel many companies have admitted to sifting through applications to put the certified professionals at the top.  They have even revealed a lack of certification as a reason for trashing applications. If you want a better quality of life for yourself and your family maybe certification is not so much an option as a necessity.

HR Guru Cheryl Fulerton said, “I learned it was OK to think big.” As long as you accept where you are, there you will stay- doing a terrific job without the pay, respect, status, salary and job security certification insures.  If you have put in the time and have the knowledge then let PHR/SPHR certification earn you the life you deserve.

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